Tomato Source helps ‘world class’ brands shift passive followers to passionate fans through the realisation of promotional merchandise.

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Star Wars: Episode IX Steelbook Tin Set

Limited edition collector's steelbook tin, art cards and pin badges

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Solo Gold Dice

Prop replica Han Solo gold dice

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Batman Pin Badge Set

Individually numbered collection set with through the decades soft enamel pin badges

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National Geographic Bottle

Soft touch with sleek appeal - no compromise

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Boots Benny

Giant and mini plushies to support the Boots Benevolent Fund

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Harry Potter Advent Calendar

24 x Harry Potter collectable coins in an advent calendar

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Coca Cola Selfie Stick

Iconic bottle shaped silicone handle

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Captain Marvel

Light up slip case for steelbook edition

world leading brands

Being firmly rooted in the landscape of gaming, film, streaming and lifestyle brand sectors means that we can work with licensors, brands and retailers to craft the kind of products that consumers immediately engage with.
By being a little bit disruptive, our high quality products create the right relationship between the product and the consumer and we’ll take you, the client, all the way from concept through to delivery…
Tomato Source are your ‘go to’ imagineers for the entertainment industry that create extraordinary products that live on in the real world. Our understanding of consumers and what drives fandom takes our promotional merchandise to the next level. Whatever the context and whatever the objective, you can rely on us to create and make truly meaningful and motivating products.


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Premiums play a crucial part in the wider promotional mix. The best way to use them is integrating with other marketing activities.

Our carefully created, purpose-driven products fulfill specific retail or promotional objectives and make your marketing activities more effective. We’ll give your license or brand a promotional boost with powerful premiums and we’re happy to share our top tips for creating successful promotional campaigns.